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A Recruitment Agency Focused on Relationships

At EDGE Industrial Staffing, our experience allows us to evaluate talent more extensively than our competition which makes us a leading locally operated recruitment agency. Our background within recruiting, hiring, and managing workers is invaluable and makes us a company that can be trusted by both employers and job seekers. Taking the extra time to understand the needs of our employer partners and job seeking applicants helps us to match the right employee with the right job at the right company. Our people – your competitive EDGE!


Our purpose is to help you concentrate on running your organization by delegating your skilled trade and industrial recruiting to the experts. Letting us take care of recruiting allows you to focus on what you know – your business. Likewise, we listen to job seekers to understand what type of positions they are looking for and expertly match them to the right job.


Once the field staff is on site, we will never intervene unless directed by the employer to do so. We are here to help you and support your business, not to tell you how to operate it. We also continue to be there for the applicants we place to provide them with a voice in their new position.

Peace of Mind

We handle the entire labor burden, such as reporting state and federal taxes, sending W2’s, and providing worker’s comp and unemployment insurance (including handling associated claims and audits). We provide regular employee payments through a variety of means and invoice on a weekly basis. We make sure our employed applicants get paid timely so they can focus on their position.


EDGE Industrial Staffing works to reduce your excessive labor costs by eliminating worker’s comp insurance, claims, audits, hiring risks, termination issues, unemployment, Social Security and Medicare match, advertising costs, and lower your EMR. As a job seeker, by working with EDGE Industrial Staffing you will spend less time chasing down applications and milling through employment sites so you can get to work faster.

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